About us

Our Committee brings a wide area of experience and knowledge to HOPE. With backgrounds in Health, Education, Finance and Entrepreneurship, they are equipped to guide HOPE into the future.

  • Deborah Cordner – President
  • Amani Mwakasendo – Treasurer
  • Carina Bekkers – Secretary
  • Angie Emde – Member

We are supported by a committed group of locals in the Isange Community which includes a pastor, administrator and several elders.

Our Projects


Create opportunities for volunteers to connect and share knowledge with the community.
A structured residency program supports flexibility in individual delivery so it is open to people across disciplines


Initiate and support opportunities to deliver education in the community.
Hands-on like uniforms, school and personal care items, study tools, school maintenance and equipment


Build capacity in the community to generate sustainable local income streams.
Vocational skill training, trial projects, infrastructure to support business development, and marketing